Time and Attendance

Enhance productivity of your organization through Thano Technologies’ centralized time and attendance integrated solution to manage multiple locations with multiple shifts.

Steady improving productivity is one of the success key in the business. In the most cases, it also relates to the effective and efficient habits of its employees. Those important things allow a company to run well without overspending in managing the human resources. This is why the correlation between productivity and time cannot be underestimated.


A good time management is a step forward to higher productivity. A reliable integrated system and concept are necessary. A company also needs robust data collection terminals, which collect every single data from the source to the back-end of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


Thano Technologies provides the latest technologies of products and solutions to answer these challenges. We offer most reliable and most efficient Life Cycle Cost solutions with the most friendly user interface for the operators and management. Thano Technologies’ time and attendance solution is the part of Workforce Management, which collects, stores and processes huge important data every single time and task sentralized from multilocations with multiple shifts.


Supported by world’s leading brand manufacturers, our solution’s design and concept bring much more values with the multiple credentials: biometric (finger-print, face and voice recognition), smart card (RFID and NFC), Bluetooth low-energy.

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