Automated Fare Collection

Automated Fare Collection of Thano Technologies can increase the convenience of using public transportation and improve the city image in a simpler, faster and safer way.

Transport sector is going through a major change due to advances in technology – from smart ticketing, payments and information, to new multimodal mobility initiatives and autonomous vehicles. One of the most significant system for making transaction simpler, faster, safer and more secure in public transport is called automated fare collection (AFC).


Thano Technologies AFC is a complex integrated system with a wide range of devices, signaling system, communication, infrastructure and services. AFC system consists of ticket validator of the fare tickets on the pedestrian barrier gates or Portable Hand Validators. Tickets are issued and charged by Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) and transactions are being processed and recorded by Point of Sales (POS). 


AFC is connected to the vehicles, stations or dispatch center, specifically to the information system. Passengers can get any information about the fare and dispatchers can monitor the whole process at the platforms. Reliability, accuracy, speed and security of the data transmission is very important in this system.


The AFC system by Thano Technologies consists of the following main parts:

  • Contactless Smart Cards or QR code or application-based Tickets
  • Pedestrian Barrier Gate arrays
  • Ticket Vending Machines and POS
  • Ticket Validator
  • Back-End FC Application
  • Network Infrastructure
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