Access Control Management

Reliable, Scalable and Sustainable Access Management System with Effective Solution of Access Control System

Access Control system is a complex and critical system with the various entities inside to give access only to the authorized person, at specific location, on defined time and date following the process flow. An access management system should be able to bring access control system to the higher level and bring the security system into perfection. It must be reliable, scalable and sustainable to protect investment.

The access management enables organization to design, monitor and manage the entire access control in holistic way. Not only to the bring total security, but also to provide clear standard operating prochedure (SOP) to every level of the organization.

Thano Technologies understands it very well and has experiences to answer the challenges through the world top ranked access management system companies. It requires deep understanding to design a reliable and affordable access management solution in order to meet clients needs and requirements.

Our access management solutions come with innovative latest technology by integrating hardware, software and middleware, electro-mechanical and mechatronic products to provide comprehensive services. It is easy to tailor and integrate with the existing systems. It also covers the wide range of access management, including visitor management, meeting room booking, elevator integration, parking space and authorization management.

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With its over 30 years total experiences, Thano Technologies is trusted by over 300 clients for our proven track record in delivering high quality products and solutions with continuously full local supports and quick response to customer’s inquiries.

Our years of experiences in the industry helps us in delivering right solutions for all kinds of access and security system needs based on customer requirements. We strive hard to provide secure, powerful, and affordable solutions to fulfill your access and security system needs as one stop solutions.

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